Pest Control for general Insects

PERFECT PEST CONTROL provides complete PEST CONTROL SOLUTIONS to help remove and prevent general pest issues such as Cockroaches, Ants, Lizards, Mosquitoes, Bed Bugs etc. at various scales both residential and commercial throughout Vapi and surroundings.

  • No Smell, No protest, very convenience
  • Protection against Cockroaches, Ants and Silverfish
  • Advanced System
  • Pesticide-free, Environmentally Safe treatments
  • Pesticide-free, Environmentally Safe treatments
  • Trap Conforms to all Food Quality Standards
  • Catches Cockroaches at all possible areas!
  • Glue-Based & Lockable traps

Termite Treatment

From the research and experience, PERFECT PEST CONTROL has developed an integrated Termite Treatment & Control Service to fulfill your specific needs.

  • Pre-Construction and Post-Construction service against cavernous (ground nesting) termites
  • Locates termites in woodwork, brick or masonry, without any damage to the structure!
  • We have exclusive chemicals to control all termites.
  • We include Basic clean up after the job in our service.

WoodBorer Treatment

  • We provide services against the larvae of the Wood Borer.
  • Affected wood can be treated by chemical injection.
An infestation characterized by yellow powder or frass, which falls from the tunnels excavated by their larvae. Severe infestations can result in the need to replace the affected wood altogether!

Cobwebs Treatment

  • Simple cleaning of cobwebs without killing spiders will never be a permanent solution as when needed.
  • We offer Cobweb deep cleaning service for effective clearing of cobwebs and to prevent entry for longer time.
  • We use effective high pressure vacuum cleaners and water guns to ensure 100 % cleaning
  • We also use Web cleaning agent and preventive chemical spray over walls and surfaces to restrict entry of spiders
  • We ensure all cobweb forming insects are killed after deep cleaning

Herbal/Gel Treatment

We provide Herbal Gel Treatment, which helps in controlling cockroaches. This is highly effective in providing control over cockroaches. Available in gel form, these products can be applied in dots at different places and distances. These products are also available in injectable disposable injections and syringes. Moreover, Herbal Gel Treatments are totally safe and Eco-friendly.

Application area:

  • Residential homes
  • Hospitals
  • Food areas
  • Cafeterias
  • Pharmaceuticals companies
  • Hotels

Rodent Treatment

Rodents like Rats and Mice are creatures of nights.  For commercial/industrial areas, damage to property and transfer of disease is of serious concern, especially in the food safety and pharmaceutical sectors where it is prime requirement to conform various Health & Safety Standards and regulatory requirements.
PERFECT PEST CONTROL specialises in the world-class service of rodent control, with years of experience!
PERFECT PEST CONTROL employs integrated Rodent Management techniques -

  • Fully trained pest control officers will survey the infestation, and the usual treatment is to place poison bait in the most appropriate locations. Follow up visits will be made in order to ensure the success of the treatment
  • We follow International Food Safety Standards.